ANAS Specialized foundation lines for the Italian market

ANAS Specialized foundation lines for the Italian market

ANAS Cured Meat Selection Scheme

The ANAS (National Association of Pig Breeders) Selection Program for Pork Cured Meat ensures specific breeders for breeding and breeding programs. The sows derive from the highly selected Italian Large White and Landrace subjects both for the characteristics of the carcass and the quality of the meat and for the productivity on the farm: growth, conversion of food, prolific and maternal characteristics. The terminal boars are insured by the Italian Duroc and Large White subjects, which stand out respectively for a marked robustness and for the excellent quality of the meat. The Salumeria Pig derived from the ANAS genetics and the prototype of the pig for typical DOP productions (hams and cured meats). - ​​National Association of Pig Breeders

Cured pork selection scheme

ANAS Mediterranean Pig Selection Scheme

The ANAS (National Association of Pig Breeders) Mediterranean Pig Selection Scheme ensures the specific genetic types for the certified chain of counter pigmeat. Mediterranean pig is obtained by mating sows from the farm, obtained as described above, with the terminal boar Pietrain or Belgian Landrace or the terminal boar Hybrid with at least 50% of Belgian Landrace or Pietrain blood.
The Mediterranean boar terminal boars are stress resistant as they are free from the gene responsible for malignant hyperthermia and PSE meat. Mediterranean pig economically produces carcasses rich in lean cuts with quality meats (thinness, color, reduced loss of liquids), well distinguishable from other types of meat for fresh consumption. The Mediterranean pig is a Quality Mark available to breeders. LANAS has developed the certification circuit to enhance and promote an Italian counter pig chain.
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Mediterranean Pig Selection Scheme

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