Chiara Serena Soffiantini - Curriculum vitae

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Dr. Chiara Serena Soffiantini - University of Parma - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

  • Born in Cremona on 03/31/78.
  • He obtained the diploma of linguistic license at the "Daniele Manin" LiceoLinguistico in Cremona.
  • She graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 2002 at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Parma with a thesis entitled "Comparison of deer populations of the Parma Apennines based on the parameters of growth", Supervisor Prof. Alberto Sabbioni.
  • He spent 2004 in the Canton of Graubünden (Switzerland) as a scholarship holder of the University of Parma to participate in a study on infectious keratoconjunctivitis of chamois, ibex and domestic goats and to carry out the assessment of the current Graubünden situation regarding the defense of flocks against wolf attacks.
  • He is currently a PhD student at the Department of Animal Production of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Parma in the field of genetic improvement.
  • He has been collaborating with Dr. Gianmaria Pisani for four years in the management of wild ungulates at public and private breeding centers, in the consultancy work and in the recovery of animal animals found in the Province of Parma.
  • Dr. Chiara Serena Soffiantini [email protected]

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