Natural Park of the Sile River - Veneto

Natural Park of the Sile River - Veneto

Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Regional Natural Park; established with L.R. January 28, 1991, n. 8.
Veneto region
Province: Padua, Treviso, Venice

The Sile River Natural Park covers the banks of a long stretch of the homonymous waterway, south of Castelfranco Veneto up to the edge of the Venetian lagoon: 4,190 hectares in the provinces of Padua, Treviso and Venice.

Sile river in Camposile (photo Mario Fletzer) - Fontanazzi at Casa Corba (photo


The Sile, the largest Italian river of resurgence, is fed by the waters which, descending from the Prealpine belt, penetrate deep into the soil of the high plain and re-emerge where the impermeable soils begin. Almost 100 km long, with clear waters and constant flow, it bathes a series of villages, villas, towns and cities such as Treviso, to which it offers a picturesque environmental setting. Along its banks, remains of ancient Paleo-Venetian settlements have been found.
The upper area of ​​the resurgences (the fontanassi), in the area of ​​Casa Corba in the municipality of Vedelago, is a microcosm of naturalistic peculiarities with spring pools, aquatic vegetation, wet meadows. Along the river, the vegetable crown is continuous and flourishing.
Inside the park there are two interesting biotopes: the quarries of Casale sul Sile, renaturalized to house the birds of passage, and the Oasis of Santa Cristina, which protects a small marsh area.

Casale sul Sile Oasis

Typology: Legambiente Oasis - Wetland
Municipality: Casale sul Sile (Treviso)
Surface: 8 hectares

Sile river in Treviso (photo)

Information for the visit

Headquarters: Park Authority
Via Tandura, 40
31100 Treviso

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