Aromatic plants: Winter savory Satureja montana L.

Aromatic plants: Winter savory Satureja montana L.

Family: Lamiaceae (Labiatae)
Species: Satureja montana L.
Other common names: Anchovy herb


Semi-evergreen perennial plant, native to the mountain regions of central and southern Europe.

Winter savory - Satureja montana L.

Botanical characters

Suffruticosa, has erect or ascending stems, branched, up to 50 cm tall. The opposite leaves are linear, dark, cilia on the edge, very aromatic. The inflorescences are verticillastro of white or pink flowers.


It can be propagated by seed or by tip cutting (remove the sprigs without flowers). When the seedlings are well developed transplant into pots or full soil.

Collection and conservation

Cut the flowering twigs at the beginning of flowering and use them fresh or dried in a shady and ventilated place.

Use in the kitchen and therapeutic properties

The strongly aromatic leaves are used to give flavor to meat and fish dishes.
Therapeutic properties: digestive, carminative, tonic-stimulants. For external use, as an antiseptic in oral inflammations.

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