Crepe paper flowers how to make them

Crepe paper flowers how to make them

Crepe paper flowers how to make them

Crepe paper flowers are a very cheap but elegant decorative element, a cheerful and sunny idea with a creative and delicate touch. Let's see how to make them in a few simple steps.

In the first place, it is necessary to ensure that you have purchased the main material necessary for its realization, that is the crepe paper, easily available in stationery shops or in the stationery departments of shopping centers. This material is sold on average in rolls of various weights, their weight ranges from 30 grams up to 180.

The varieties of colors on the market are many. If you wish to change the classic colors, enriching them with shades or blotches, recalling the natural color of some floral varieties, it is possible to resort to a very effective DIY method: after you have obtained a bowl full of cold water, immerse inside more sheets of colored crepe paper, contact with water leads to a mixing of the various dyes which, when mixed together, are able to create wonderful chromatic effects on the various sheets.

In order for the effect to be visible, the wet sheets must be placed to dry on a flat surface. Once the sheets reach the desired drying, they will appear with a much richer and more original color scheme. Avoid painting the paper directly, using acrylic colors, tempera and watercolors, to prevent direct dyes from piercing the paper or making it excessively heavy and dry due to the lumps that would form after painting.


In addition to crepe paper, it is also necessary to procure other materials, such as:

- rigid cardboard;


- vinyl glue;

- a thin wooden stick;

-a fine-tipped brush;

- a toothpick.


Make the shapes you want to create by drawing and cutting them on the cardboard. Once this is done, trace the outline of the same on the crepe paper. If you took a rose as a reference flower, you would need 19 petals, a rectangle to create the pistil, a strip of medium length paper (18/20 cm) to cover the stem and 2 green paper leaves to glue on the stem.

When cutting the petals, it is necessary to pay attention to the direction in which the paper is presented: the folds must be turned vertically in order to be modeled more easily.

The first step is the creation of the stem. Once you have taken the wooden stick for skewers, it is advisable to cover 3-4 cm in the initial part by gluing a rectangle of the same color as the petals. Remember to hide the tip well, in order to make your work well cared for in every detail. Each part of the paper must be fixed using a very small amount of vinyl glue, without exceeding, in order to avoid unnecessary and anti-aesthetic light spots that would ruin your work.

Always remember to distribute the glue with the help of a fine-tipped brush, so as not to smudge your fingers and make the creation clean.

Instead, it is useful to use your fingertips to be able to press the glued part so that it is well fixed.

Take a petal and shape it with your fingers. The first trick to have is to widen the central part until it becomes concave, then proceed by curling the flaps at the top outwards, using either a toothpick or a thin wood of the same or similar diameter. Crepe paper is highly mouldable, ergo operations like this are typical when using this type of paper. Carrying out this operation calmly and delicately will make your work meticulous but at the same time refined in the smallest details.

When the petal is made, get ready to apply it with a little glue, rolling it at the base around the pistil. This procedure must be repeated for the application of the remaining eighteen petals, which you will apply as if they were real. In this case we propose the creation of a rose, but bear in mind that it is possible to create shapes of petals of different features or shapes and reproduce other similar floral variants.


The useful material for this creation is the following:


- iron wire for the creation of the stem;

-a strip of red crepe paper enlarged in the shape of a fan (other recommended shades are also yellow, white and pink);

- green adhesive tape, useful for covering the iron wire;

- nylon thread.

Crepe paper flowers how to make them: THE PROCEDURE

Fold the crepe paper strip in two parts by dividing it in half. Once this is done, roll it up while holding the base, which you will have to tie with the nylon thread, then inserting the iron wire in the center, precisely in the base of the flower.

Remember that the nylon thread should be covered with a strip of adhesive tape.

Once the corolla of the flower has been lowered, proceed by widening the margins until it is possible to obtain some undulations over the entire strip.

Finally, cover the stem and the glass with the green adhesive tape.

Video: How To Make A Crepe Paper Rose