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Garden center

Garden center

Recently, the centers dedicated to gardening have undergone an evolution and are increasingly becoming a "trendy" meeting place, enriched by tea rooms and rich areas reserved for objects rather than for the care of our animal friends. This development of collateral business has certainly made these places accessible to a greater number of users but, perhaps, has also made the ancient magic a little distorted. The fact remains that everyone can opt for the category they prefer by identifying the targets that best meet their personal needs.

The "old style" garden center

For the pragmatic user, who has a concrete and clear goal in mind, the choice will fall on a nursery which, perhaps more spartan in setting up, nevertheless guarantees prompt and competent answers to specific requests. It is above all in the gardening centers located in the countryside surrounding the large urban centers that you can meet specialist agronomists able to offer advice on particular pathologies that affect our plants, rather than arrangements capable of giving decoration but also resistance and functionality to the preparation of our garden. Usually located in contexts far from the most popular destinations, they should be searched with care and if you have the opportunity to get advice from people who live with plants perhaps for work, you will be sure to turn to competent and highly experienced professionals. These garden centers are the most suitable for those who already "chew" the material, having already had other gardening experiences in the past and therefore want to turn without fail to an offer that can guarantee the solution of specific and above all very technical problems. Therefore, we advise those who are beginners to move towards solutions more based on basic advice such as those that we will highlight in the following paragraphs.

The "evolved" garden center

For those who start from slightly more vague ideas about the design they plan to set up for their green space, it will be more appropriate to choose a nursery that, alongside the traditional offer of ornamental plants, also offers staff able to provide advice. on outdoor architecture. All large gardens in the immediate outskirts of cities now offer this type of service. The most accurate are available for in-person inspections to offer the solution best suited to the context, while others simply request basic information relating to the size of the terrace or garden, the exposure and the client's tastes. This type of center is particularly suitable for the neophyte in the nursery field, as the staff present in these centers can advise, in addition to the aesthetic layout of the garden, also all the types of shrubs that best adapt to external conditions and personal preferences . You can therefore find advice on the variety of grass that is best suited to shaded or particularly exposed to the sun, rather than to soils that are very subject to foot traffic (see soccer sports fields) or English lawns, grass for clayey or calcareous soils and etc. The important thing is, however, to keep the final price that is proposed under control because, obviously, alongside the simple purchase of raw materials, professional gardeners can always intervene directly on your land. Often, in fact, purchasing plants and subsequent processing from the same supplier allows you to obtain significant initial discounts or periodic maintenance packages at very favorable prices. It is equally important not to be dazzled by particularly exotic or lush varieties of plants: always ask your garden center to direct you to simple and possibly native qualities for a guarantee of success and longevity. It is not uncommon, in fact, to witness customers who, having opted only on the external appearance, have found themselves with an "annual" garden (ie made up of plants that live for a single season and then must be replaced with significant additional costs), rather than with suffering gardens because the shrubs planted not being local have grown to a limited extent and scarcely luxuriant or, on the contrary, with gardens similar to real irrepressible jungles which, suddenly, at the advent of the cold season, they are completely stripped, generating a great deal of foliage to clean up and a profound sense of desolation.

Garden center: The last frontier of garden centers

Finally, for those who have not yet chosen how to spend the next sunny Sunday, the multi-product nursery represents a chance to approach the world of plants, perhaps also taking advantage of the collateral services offered by large gardens which, alongside the core business of greenery garden or indoor, they also offer the possibility of entertaining the whole family with a ride in a gig between the paths of the outdoor area, or with heated playrooms inspired by the world of flowers or with well-equipped shopping areas. The latter, born as departments of objects relating to the world of the garden - outdoor furniture, barbecues and related equipment, vases and planters… - are increasingly expanding in the direction of shopping for the home in general. We will therefore be able to choose a set of country-style plates rather than bathroom furniture decorated with lavender motifs rather than bed sets in the trendiest shades. Although it should be emphasized that these "amusement parks" are now only distant relatives of the historic garden centers, it is equally true that, in an era in which the actual garden is a luxury, multiproduct nurseries offer the possibility, even to those who have only a balcony or a terrace where they can vent their passion, to find solutions with small dimensions but great versatility. It is these customers who can indulge themselves with ideas such as "vertical gardens", very suitable for decorating the walls of our city condominiums, rather than with organic mini-gardens capable of producing fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables in very limited spaces. Very interesting are the gardens reserved for aromatic herbs, even conformed to be able to stay indoors, if the space outside is not present or cannot be used for these purposes.

The usefulness of these garden centers is also to make younger children aware of realities far from that city. In fact, it is not uncommon to find opportunities to meet the most typical "farm animals" in multiproduct nurseries, which allows you to have rewarding and alternative experiences even without having to move too much from home. In general, it is not uncommon for evolved nurseries to become privileged destinations on some specific occasions during the year, and we refer above all to the Christmas holidays, when they are dressed in traditional or avant-garde decorations and attract the attention of thousands of visitors in the cold Sundays in December.

In summary, in the end, the choice is yours: purists or generalists, the garden center can always represent an excellent opportunity for recreation for young and old.

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